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ISE ERS API Rate/Payload Limiting

Damien Miller
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VIP Advisor

Hello All,


I am wondering if there is any documentation pertaining to the ISE API's handling limits.  We are testing out an automated inventory integration and every now and then the dev is reporting that there is a connection error. The similar set up we are migrating from is currently running against ACS without issue. 


I know firepower has a limitation of 120 messages per second before you get a 429 too many messages error. It also provides a 422 back if you send messages greater than 2 MB. Does ISE have any similar limitations that we have to work with? Has any one here run in to similar issues when trying to add/change NADs?

In this link I found the following.
Known issues - If you're processing more than 100 records. These are enhancements.
CSCve05681 ERS Get-All takes very long time for response
CSCvg64354 ENH ISE ERS calls should be processed much faster