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Radius and local authentication


I am in the process of configuring RADIUS authentication on our network devices. But I also use SolarWinds network configuration manager to manage\back up the device configurations. 


I would like to use Radius for when someone needs to access the network devices for any reason and for SolarWinds NCM to use local access (local user name and password) I am trying to find some information online, but no luck so far. I've only been able to find info in regards Radius as primary method and to use local if Radius is not available. 


Can you specify to use the local user database for one or two hosts\IP addresses? (SolarWinds servers)  


Thanks again, 



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Danny Morris

You could specify a specific VTY port for Solarwinds and leave all of the others for Radius. I would try something like the following:


ip ssh port #### rotary 1


line vty 5

rotary 1

login local



Just assign a specific unused port in place of ####. You would then need to configure Solarwinds to use the new port number for this login.

Thanks for the replies. I will be testing both solutions, but I think our mgmt would like to have SW to use the local account. 


Thanks again. 



No problem! Do some testing and let us know the results :-) 

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

In addition to what was suggested by Danny, you could also create a Radius username/password for NCM. This will allow you to:

1. Not have the need to use local db for logins, thus forcing all authentications through radius

2. Change password, username and/or disable/delete the NCM account of needed without having to hit all devices

3. Have audit trail on when that account was used and if it was used for any other means but NCM device backups. 


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