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RDBMS Synchronization problem in ACS Appliance 3.3

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Level 1


I was adding multiple AAA Clients on ACS Appliance using RDBMS Synchronization option I followed the complete steps but failed to synchronize accountActions.csv file on ACS my ftp server is working fine and returned the logs saying "accountActions.csv file read recieved file successfully size 0 bytes 0.00 kbps" and RDBMS synchronization logs ACS reported as "No import CSV file on ftp server - nothing to process" I have attached related screen shots. Any help on this issue will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Level 1
Level 1

Try adding the time in hh:mm format in the date/time column. It can be as simple as:

6/5/2007 12:00


The space is important.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your kind response I have updated accountActions.csv file included date and time in the same format (with space)but failed and reports and logs status on both ACS and FTP server is same as before.Any more possible solutoins.

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May it be that the field Value Name is spelt incorrectly?

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The format of the accountsaction.csv file is incorrect as a result of which the RDBMS Synchronization is not executed correctly.

I have attached a sample accountsAction.csv file for you.

(i) The AAA Client C7609-X with the ip address has been added with the shared secret key as mikey and is is registered with TACACS+

(ii) The NDG michasisX has been added.

(iii) The device C7609-X has been added to the NDG michasisX

Place the file in the FTP and try performing an RDBMS synchronization. Restart the ACS services.

Then you can add the devices as per the sample file attached.

Also check if the file name is exactly the same in the RDBMS Synchronization page in the ACS

Hope this helps,