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Rising star

When showing T+/RADIUS passwords for a network device, if you try to select the text it disappears

Hi everyone,


I'm running ISE 2.4 Patch 5. I've replicated the issue for Firefox and Chrome. Steps to replicate issue:


1) Go to network devices menu

2) Access a network device

3) Show the password, whether T+ or RADIUS

4) Try to copy the password

5) Once the password disappears, you need to exit the device in order for it to reappear.


The reason you'd want to copy the password is to update device configuration after updating passwords or replacing hardware. So this could be annoying if you have to juggle different passwords for different devices.


I'd like to hear if others have been able to replicate this issue. I haven't seen anything like this in the Bug Tracker. 


Thanks for your time, hope to hear from you whether you're able to replicate the issue or not. 


Accepted Solutions

the bug notes have been corrected. this is fixed in 2.5 and should be fixed in 2.4 patch 6 too.

View solution in original post


This is normal and been that way for quite a while now.  I think this is by design.  If you want to get the password you simply export the network device data to a CSV file.  If you want to make mass changes you can update the CSV and import.  If you are creating a new device, you simply duplicate a device of similar type that already has the password set. 

By design to irritate off the super admins.

By design to show the password and then play cat and mouse? 

If they didn't want it to be available, there wouldn't be a Show button. It's purely a cosmetic error. 


Certainly if you can access the network device you should be able to access the password without having to export a file and then look for the password there. 


I see this working just fine in ACS.

I agree 100%. I am not saying how it is currently working is the way I would do it, but I have a feeling it is functioning as designed, which is flawed in my opinion.

Cisco Employee

I've not seen such issue in our setups, but some on auto-fill remembered password.

I just tried on my browser that is not tied into any password tracker and it still happens. If you hit show password, you see the password, but as soon as you highlight the password and hit Control-C to copy it goes away before you can copy.

2.4p5, as soon as you hit ctrl.  See attached mp4. 


Select the password using mouse and right click it , you will get option to copy it.

Cisco Employee

Thanks, paul and Damien Miller. It was not happening to me as I usually use right-click (or second-click) and select from the drop-down to copy.

I found this known bug -- CSCvm07718

The bug report would have you believe it's only for Safari/Chrome on a Macbook. I've seen it happen on firefox/chrome on windows 7 and windows 10.


It's also said to be fixed...

the bug notes have been corrected. this is fixed in 2.5 and should be fixed in 2.4 patch 6 too.
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