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ANIServer CPU usage LMS 4.1



I recently made a fresh install of LMS 4.1 and added all of our devices (about 400 devices). After configuring all jobs and services everything ran fine.

After a few days a guy from the server team called me and told me that the CPU-usage increased over the days. I made some investigations and found out which process is using CPU ressources. Whenever ANIServer is running and collecting data CPU is running at approx. 100%. First it takes only a few minutes to complete but after some cycles ist takes more and more time to complete, after a week it takes more than 4 hours. After restarting ANIServer process it takes again a few minutes and then the duration increases.

Is this normal behaviour or could it be a bug?

I've attached a screenshot which shows the cpu usage.

Server specs:

Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit


4 CPUs  @ 2.93 GHz


Kind regards


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Can anyone help me?

to find out what is causing the issue it is necessary to get the processes consuming CPU. You can use "Process Explorer" from Sysinternals / MS Technet to get details on each running process:

the sysinternals suite (with a lot more usefull tools):

or Process Explorer alone:

Hi Martin

I made two screenshots:

1     Process Explorer

2     Process Management section from LMS

CPU-usage raised after manually starting data collection.

DataCollection is under control of ANIServer, and it is in deed a CPU and RAM consuming process. This alone should not be a problem.

The first graph you posted is missing the description of the x- and y-axis. So I do not see how often the CPU spikes appear and what the numbers on the right side mean.

You said, your problem ist that the CPU usage is constantly rising. You should see this if you (in process explorer) right click on the process you mentioned to bring up the "Properties" view or if you expand the general view to show also CPU history for each process.

Let Process explorer open for a while so you see if there is one process which does not free up all the resources it takes in the first instance.

Hi Martin

I've got a better graph showing utilization over more than one week.

Data collection is scheduled every eight hours, so every eight hours cpu uses resources. The last time I had to kill ANIServer data collection was running for about 6 hours or something like this.