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Approver List in LMS 4.2

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Level 1


Can i create different approver for different Group of devices on LMS 4.2? i was checking and i found only that i can assign one approver list where it contains all the members that are approval.  i need to be able to assign an approver for each User defined group.

Any hints? Appreciated.

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Vinod Arya
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Unfortunately LMS doesn't have this option where it can send approval request to only that approvar who is also in the same group of the Job initiator.

Currently all Approvers on the Approver list receive an automatic email notification where the job Approvers approve or reject the job.

You can check this under Job Approval Workflow.


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Dear Vinod,

thanks for the info, so basically any approver that is in the approver list will receive an email notification regardless of who initiated the job right? what i have is different countries, and i need the admin of each country to approve on the job initiated from the team under his country. i dont want him to see/approve other jobs initiated by different teams. This is not feasible as per your answer right?


I think an email is sent to all those who has approver role. This cannot be controlled as a user can usually be a part of multiple groups.