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Ask the Expert: Cisco Prime Network Registrar

Community Manager
Community Manager

With Pete Newcomb& Jim Brown 


Welcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. Learn from experts Peter Newcomb and Jim Brown about the newest release of  Cisco Prime Network Registrar, Cisco's industry leading solution for integrated DNS, DHCP and  IP address management (IPAM) services  for both IPv4 and IPv6. Ask Pete and Jim about upgrade and migration issues to help you plan your migration from Solaris to Linux and from older versions of Cisco Network Registrar to the new Cisco Prime Network Registrar. Learn about the product's dual stack support, failover, high availability, extensions and other related DHCP, DNS, and IPAM functionality. New IP address management, componentized licensing, virtualization, and Cisco UCS C-series appliances make this the easiest to implement and most cost effective version of Network Registrar yet. Take this opportunity to ask questions and learn how your company and network can benefit! 

Pete Newcomb is a technical marketing engineer in Cisco's Network Management and Technology Group and has over 30 years of experience in the voice and data communications industry, including sales support and product engineering support with several companies. His design and development background includes wireless services, switching, routing, TCP/IP, Frame Relay, X.25, telephony services, risk management, and network security. 

Jim Brown is a customer support  engineer in Cisco's Network Management and Technology Group. He has over 35 years of experience in development engineering and customer service, real-time and fault tolerant operating systems, and network management for the telecommunications and software industries. For the last 14 years he has been with the Network Registrar Development Team, interfacing with Customer Service and directly with customers in problem solving.

Remember to use the rating system to let Pete and Jim know if you have received an adequate response.  

Pete and Jim might not be able to answer each question due to the volume expected during this event. Remember that you can continue the conversation on the Network Infrastructure sub-community Network Management forum shortly after the event. This event lasts through April 20th, 2012. Visit this forum often to view responses to your questions and the questions of other community members.

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Hello Gentlemen:

I have CNR V6.1 and 6.3 (yes, I know....old).  Is there anyway to have CNR answer queries in different ways depending on the source IP address of the query?  I believe in BIND they refer to this as "split" DNS or geographic responses and use something called a "view" clause?.  Whatever the feature may be called - I'm looking to do the following:

If query for "" comes from subnet then return "" as the host - or at least the first host listed.

if query for "" comes from subnet then return "" as the host - or at least the first host listed.

if query for "" comes from subnet then return "" as the host.- or at least the first host listed.

If not supported in 6.1/6.3 is it supported in any version of CNR and how is it configured? (or what is the feature called?)

Thank You

Hello rsquier,

   Your timing for this question is actually very good...

   'Views' functionality has been on the CNR DNS roadmap for a while now and at this time has made it's way to the top of the list and is being actively pursued for a CNR Next release which hasn't Yet been Committed, but which is currently in process., Our goal is to have this a major feature add of this release with an EC target date and release number assigned by mid-May,with a current target release date of later this fall.  

Federico Reyes
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Level 1

Hello Peter and Jim,

I wonder if IPAM – is it available?  Does it work with CNR only?

- Federico

IPAM IS  available and integrates with Cisco Prime Network Registrar Release 8.0.  IPAM is available as a standalone product that will work with other DHCP and DNS servers as well.  Its greatest value is that it is a fully integrated DDI solution with single vendor support. 

Carlos Lesaige
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Level 1

Hi guys,

I would like to know in which platforms CNR is available on. In specific, Is CNR available on the UCS?

Thank you,


Hi Carlos,

   CNR latest releases currently run and are supported on Solaris 10, Windows Server 2008 R2, Red Hat Enterpise Linux ES 5.0, Centos 5, and Yes, the Cisco UCS platform both bare bones and with VMWare 4.1 in a virtual OS environment..

Jessica Deaken
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I have a large newtork and I am planning to deploy CNR v8. Can you provide some details on how is the 8.0 licensing structured?

Thank you


Cisco Prime Network Registrar Release 8.0 has three software licensing components. 

  1. DHCP Active Leases
  2. DNS Resource Records
  3. IPAM IP Nodes (New in 8.0)

This modular licensing model allows customers to select the license per type that meets their individual business needs.

One other product in the family is our new Caching DNS server which is priced on a per server basis as it owns no records but is a caching and forwarding engine.  As a purpose built caching server, performance is maximized to meet demanding DNS environments.

In release 8.0 we also introduced a Jumpstart version which is a Cisco UCS C200 M2 with CENTOS, VMWare, and the OVF versions of the software pre-installed.  This appliance offers customers a 1U server ready to use.  An average startup time in less than 30 minutes. And with VMWare installed, customers can easilly deploy Jumpstarts in High Avaiability DNS and DHCP Failover deployments rapidly and effectively.

Finally, new in release 8.0 is our IPAM offering.  IP Address Management is often managed on spreadsheets which are not very dynamic.  WIth IPAM customers are able to Plan their IP depoyments for both IPv4 and IPv6, Discover their current network "As Deployed", Reclaim valuable unused address space, and create reports to communicate with internal and external organizations on the use of the IP space.  IPAM helps customers with their transition from IPv4 to IPv6 in one tool with unparalled automation and visibility.

I hope this helps you better understand the exciting new capabilites of Cisco Prime Network Registrar.


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Actually i have problem with my connection and i would like to find that problem.

i have 3 sites(1,2,3) connected together through fiber multi mode cable. The site 1 having the control room, the maximum distance between site (1 and 3) is 1.8 Km, the other distance(1 and 2) is 1.2 km and i already used 3750X switch and GIBIC GLC-FE 100Fx with support MM cable up to 2 KM.

i have in site (2 and 3) 10 cctv 3 mega pixel cameras and i check for the bandwidth is less than 100Mbps when i connected the 2 switches(2 and 3)to the switch in the site 1 there is a delay i thought maybe because of the bandwidth so i tried to connect only 1 camera but the same problem(delay).

i did not make any configuration for the switches

Can you please advise for any solution.

Unfortunately your question was posted in the wrong thread as this is a Network Management Software thread for Cisco Prime Network Registrar and thus it's in front of the wrong audience to be the most helpful... I'd suggest you repost in a more targeted thread, perhaps a video thread, or one targeted to fiber multi mode cable products.

Good Luck...

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ilike it

Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPad App

Glad we can be of help...

We use cisco 2950 as  the access switches. But some paople use their own mini-router(4LAN port and one WAN port),and connect it at the access port under their desk.Then the routers distribute IP address, which replace the correct ip address distribute from correct DNS server.As result,the mates who connect to the same vlan will get wrong ip address and can not get connection with internet.

As a network administrator, I always login the corredponding switch,find and shutdown the port.But I think this is not the best solution.

We use 29XX as the access switches, and 4506 as core switches in the officing network,and configration about vlan was implemented on  the 45xx.I'd like to find a way to stop the dhcp response in the access switches.Any suggestion? You answer will be great appreciated.

But the way ,cisco switches "was and are" tough switches in our corp .we use them for about 6 -7 years. Very stable.

Hi Lu Qi,

      This is really Not the right thread for this question, as this thread is a Network Management Software for Cisco Prime Network Registrar... And I'm probably Not the Best person to answer this question... But... I too have been a happy user of 29xx series switches and this isn't even an IOS DHCP server problem, but is a just a basic SOHO router issue where typically the SOHO router distributes Black-Hole IPAddresses to the devices behind it and NAT's those addresses using the IPAddress given to it's WAN port via remote DHCP server... typically this, though frowned up by more local admins, doesn't actually cause any problems as the NATed clients just look to be the WAN port Bound IPAddress client and usually work just fine...