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Ask the Expert- Introduction to Network Design

Cisco Moderador
Community Manager
Community Manager

This topic is a chance to discuss more about the best network design practices. The session covers network design, its roots and principles, and the mindset needed to be a successful designer and a holistic network architect. When it comes to network design, a solution is considered successful if it meets business requirements through technology implementation. Network designers are the bridge between technical and business domains. In this role, they must understand the business goals and be able to translate them into requirements that drive the technical implementation.


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Ask questions from Tuesday 11th to Friday 21th of December, 2018


Featured expert

david.pngDavid Samuel Peñaloza Seijas works as a Senior Network Consulting Engineer at Verizon Enterprise Solutions in the Czech Republic. Previously, he worked as a Network Support Specialist in the IBM Client Innovation Center in the Czech Republic. David is an expert interested in all topics related to networks. However, he focuses mainly on data centers, enterprise networks, and network design, including software-defined networking (SDN). David has a long relationship with Cisco. He has been a Cisco Instructor for the Cisco Academy and was recognized as a Cisco Champion and a Cisco Designated VIP for 2017 and 2018. David holds a CCNP R&S, CCDP, CCNA Security, CCNA CyberOps and a CCNA SP certification. Currently, he is preparing for a CCDE.


David might not be able to answer each question due to the volume expected during this event. Remember that you can continue the conversation on the Networking community.

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 - Humble expert, how are Cisco products , these days , addressing the idea that Cloud and Intranet solutions need more and more integration, especially will future Internet protocols , be fast enough for data demanding  apps on those networks ?


-- Each morning when I wake up and look into the mirror I always say ' Why am I so brilliant ? '
    When the mirror will then always repond to me with ' The only thing that exceeds your brilliance is your beauty! '


I do believe this is a product question instead of a design questions. Please post it in the according community for it.


Collin Clark
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hey David-

How would you design an Enterprise network with application segmentation end-to-end? 1000 foot level since there are no specifics here. Thanks!



I would start by thinking about how the segmentation will happen:will it be done through the application or the network?


If the network is our key player in segmentation, then addressing and VLAN planning should be in your list of things to consider. Where to place X and Y users? Which VLANs to use? Which IP range? will it be IPv4 or IPv6? dual stack?


In addition to that, consider how the app will interact with the rest of the network: Where the app will be sitting? On premises? externally (cloud)? what will be the traffic patter? north-south? east-west? encryption and security are a must?


Hope it helps!

Level 1
Level 1

Network design refers to the planning of the implementation of a computer network infrastructure. Network design is generally performed by network designers, engineers, IT administrators and other related staff. It is done before the implementation of a network infrastructure.


Nehpal Rathore
Level 1
Level 1

We have a new network setup as the attached diagram, and we want to use Cisco firewall and Cisco switch in this design,

Please can you suggest the recommended and best L3 switch and Cisco Firewall with required configuration on L3 switch to be done to use for this design?

Any amendment if required or if any other suggestion is also most welcome.