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ASR 1001x license conversation (form Traditional to SMART)

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Level 1

Hi Everybody

I need clarification on nowadays Cisco Policy on SMART Licensing

as all of you know Cisco use Smart Licensing in new IOSs on ASR1001x

so I already have the traditional license on my router for SLASR1-AES and FLSA1-BIN-1X10GE, is it possible to convert them to SMART License and assign them to the virtual account

I know that if I have the fresh PAK its possible but my concern is for PAKs which already the fulfillment


i appreciated that if you could help me

Thank you in Advance





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Leo Laohoo
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

1.  Read New Deployment Method for Smart Licensing

2.  Cisco Smart Licensing -- Do not believe in the hype.  It is not worth the hassle and does not provide any benefit to the end user.

@John.Mayer wrote:

Have you work with DLC??

No, I have not.  Thankfully.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello John,


Below I am sending some reading documentation regarding the move from traditional licensing to smart licensing:

Traditional to Smart 


Regarding SLUP (Smart Licensing Using Policy), you have an easy guide you can use to configure your devices:

Configure Smart Licensing Using Policy On IOS®-XE Routers 


What you are saying, it is possible, consider SLUP an evolved Smart Licensing method.

This FAQ page about it is very helpful as well and can answer a lot of questions you might have:

Smart License Using Policy - FAQ 



Thank you.

Marin Grabovschi

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Level 1

Hello everybody,

I am following up on this thread, because I seem to have a similar issue going on.

So a DLC procedure is needed if I want to upgrade an ASR 1001-X from 3.16.X ios to 17.3.5 ios-xe ? 

And is there any specific action needed for the 20G license (FLSA1-1X-2.5-20G) ?  


Thanks in advance.



Hey Mile,

To answer to your first question, I suggest looking at the below link.

(Smart License Using Policy - FAQ)

6.15. What happens with Device Lead Conversion (DLC)? Is that still needed on SLP?

A. In SLP, Device Led Conversion (DLC) is still needed but you do not need to initiate DLC manually anymore. DLC will be automatically initiated once device upgrade to SLP code 17.3.2 & later. The DLC request will be forwarded to CSSM via CSLU, On-Prem DNAC or On-Prem SSM depend on the connectivity and CSSM will revert back with DLC completion status to device.


As for the license to activate, you don't need any necessary steps, just make sure you have it available in your smart account. Once you activate the feature, it should pick up the license as long as it's reporting to the SA.


Thank you.

Marin Grabovschi


i'm in the same situation where i needed to upgrade my ASR1K to 17.x.

did the "permanent" licenses retained? i.e. adventerprise, 10 gig interface

did you perform DLC on these licenses?

did you register to CSSM?

#sh license
Index 1 Feature: adventerprise
Period left: Life time
License Type: Permanent
License State: Active, In Use
License Count: Non-Counted
License Priority: Medium
Index 2 Feature: advipservices


Index 33 Feature: interface_10g
Period left: Life time
License Type: Permanent
License State: Active, In Use
License Count: 2/2/0 (Active/In-use/Violation)
License Priority: Medium


We perform the reload, ensuring the the platform throughtput level was configured to 10G.

No DLC was needed, the registration was performed with no issue and the licenses have appeared in the smart account inventory.


did you upgrade to IOS-XE 17.x?

Yes to 17.3.5.