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Campus manager topology discovery ?

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Level 1


I have a Cisco LMS 3.2 and it is up and running. The problem is that I coudlnt figure out how the topology services figures out the network topology that I have. So my questions are:

1. How does the topology services map the network ?

2. How could I manually make the topology to look like the real network I have ?

3. Does campus manager only support Cisco devices? Is there any other way to manage non Cisco devices on campus manager ?

Thanks in advance.

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Michel Hegeraat
Level 7
Level 7

Campus queries the devices via SNMP

It uses the CDP neigbor tables on both sides of a link to confirm a link is present.

You can drag devices on the map to make a layout that suits you

LMS 3.2 only supports cisco devices.



Thank you for the response.

But What I mean by manually mapping the network is, how can I manually connect devices that are not connected on the topology services, not arranging the way it looks ?

Also since ASA firewall and FWSM doesnt support CDP, is there any other way to manage these devices in Cisco campus manager, topology services ?

As far as I know that is not possible

I really hope cisco comes clean on this one.

Many customers would like to place their provider routers in the map (even if all they can do is ping these devices)

CDP is the only way right now to establish a link

I hope for LDDP and a "manual" connect in the future



Why is no one saying something about the problems we are having here ???

What can I do about

  • FWSM,
  • ASA, and
  • Checkpoint firewall

devices in Cisco Works LMS 3.2 ???