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Changing IP address on CW RME server

I am looking for some insight as to how to change the IP address on a CW RME server on Windows. I know how to change the IP and hostname in the OS but I suspect there are other places in RME and Common Services that also will need to be changed.

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Changing the IP is pretty trivial - nothing fancy required on CW (assuming a single server installation). Changing the hostname is more involved. Both procedures are covered here:

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Well, I went through these steps and when I launch the link under Start>Programs>CiscoWorks the browser still trys to go to the old hostname.

Additionally, If I replace the old hostname with the new one in the url window and try to reload I get Cannot find server error or DNS error.

Any ideas?


When you click "start, programs, CiscoWorks" you are referencing a shortcut link that is particular to the client you are using. To change the server or IP that link refers to, you need to right-click on the link and modify its properties.

If you are referencing your server by DNS name (e.g. and the server has been changed, its DNS cname record (which matches DNS name to IP) should also be updated.

The hostname referred to in earlier posts was the _local_ hostname (NetBIOS WINS name - not DNS) in the CiscoWorks Windows server. That name is typically not referenced outside of the server itself.

Complicating things is the fact that Dynamic DNS (DDNS) can optionally be ocnfigured to synchronize the local hostname to DNS name to DNS server record in a Windows server environment.



I clearly understand the shortcut link and what needs to happen to fix that. I guess I was a little shocked when Cisco publishes a nice write up on how to change the host name but leaves out a simple little detail like that especially when their installation program creates the shortcut in the first place.

Just to clarify, I am accessing the server from the console only. I have not tried from another client. So, the shortcut that I am referring to is the shortcut on the server console that was created automatically by the installation program.

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