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Cisco LMS 4.1 soft appliance more than 5000 devices

Hello everybody,

I have a question regarding the setup of Cisco LMS 4.1 with more than 5000 devices. In the requirements it is written under the soft appliance chapter :

"To manage LMS 10,000 devices in LMS 4.1, you must set up more than one servers."


But under the windows requirements it is written :

You need more than one server to manage up to 10,000 devices for all functionalities in your network.

You must manage:

Network Topology, Layer 2 Services and User Tracking, Fault Management, IPSLA Performance Management, and Device Performance management Functionalities for upto 5,000 devices in another server

Configuration and Image Management Functionalities for upto 10,000 devices in one server.

I would like to know if for the soft appliance we need to setup 2 differents LMS that manage 2 different parts of the devices or if it is like windows (one LMS manage the DCR of 10'000 devices and the second handle the other functionalities of 5000 devices).

We need to manage ~5500 devices, is there a check on the LMS that avoid managing 5001 devices or can we anyway add more than 5000 devices into the LMS soft appliance ?

Best Regards

Julian de Lima / Swisscom Ltd

Nael Mohammad

The last part simply means that if you want to run 10k devices on one server, it can be used only and only for two functions, that's configuration and image management. All other operations will not be supported and will not function due to the large amount resources required for 10k devices.   The key words are "All Functionalities" in LMS which will require two server to support the large amount of devices in your environment. If you don't care for anything beyond configuration and image management, then you can use just one server.


Thank you for your answer. I understand the concept of share the functionalities in 2 different servers.

But for me I am not sure regarding the soft appliance. Does it mean that only Windows and Solaris can manage the image and configuration management in one server. Or the soft appliance can to the same ? If I follow exactly what it is written, the soft appliance does not support the same functionality as Windows and Solaris.

If it is the case, is there a limitation in the soft appliance at when 5000 devices is reached, Cisco LMS will stop to add devices into the DCR ?

Thank you in advance.