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Cisco Prime 2.2 Wireless clients connected to an Access point historical data

We had an access point max out our buildings bandwidth a few days ago.  I am trying to figure what clients were connected to an access point during a specific time frame.  I know the data is there as when I search a mac address I can see all the WAPs that the client has connected to.  I would like to see the reverse.  The WAP history of who connected to it.  We have Cisco Prime 2.2.



Flavio Miranda

Hi @sljwampa


 You can use reports for that. On the tab Reports>Reports launch pad you can take a report per Cleint Count, Unique Clients or Busiest Clients, Busiest AP, etc.

 All those reports will show clients information and the AP it was connected.

You can choose a precious period or schedule in regular basis.



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Right.  I have been looking at those but would really like to see clients connected to specific WAP during specific time.  Any ideas on getting this?  I can see this real time and I know the data is in there somewhere...

The idea of reports is to be able to specify a period of time. What might happen is that data is collect and stored in regular basis around 15 minutes. So, if you are looking for a exactly time, reports may not match.

  For exactly time the only way I see it is to run a script pulling the data from WLC directly and store it somewhere.


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Sorry I meant a timeframe lets say all clients on a WAP that day or during an certain hour.

But this you can get with report.








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