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Cisco Prime Infra 1.2 Web server


I have installed a version of Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2.11 with a kickstart .ova file on my production network.

Everything goes fine and I follow the instructions for installation ; i can ping my Cisco PI server and ssh into it as admin.

However, when I try to reach the web server via https, it does not work. I have reviewed my proxy settings and they are not to blame. The nslookup returns the IP address when I poll it. I have read elsewhere that I would need "NCS" service to be started, but I can't find anything called NCS on my Prime Infra server in CLI mode.

Anyone with a suggestion for this issue ?




Actually I know what's happening ; the PnP (plug n play) setup was not configured, and so 443 port was not up.

I configured PnP using "pnp setup" command, but then I have to supply a list of certificates and keys :

Enter absolute pathname of PnP Gateway server key file:

Enter absolute pathname of PnP Gateway server certificate file:

Enter absolute pathname of Prime Infrastructure server certificate file:

I tried to do this with the private key I had for my server. I created it on my Certificate Authentication and got a .key and a .csr (certificate server request).

However when i feed them to my PnP setup I get this error :

Setup is in progress.......

Stop PnP Gateway server

OpenSSL command failed for mycert.csr and mykey.key

any idea as to why this is happening?

I read elswhere again that i need to run commands with "ncs" but I don't have "ncs" commands on my prompt...

Thank you for your time


I made my .crt file with my .csr file and now I have this error :

Keytool command failed for mycert.crt


I am also facing same problem. Any idea how to generate PnP gateway server key and certification?


Some people mistakenly install the PnP gateway (related but separate product) instead of the Prime Infrastructure OVA. They are both found in the same download section.

Please confirm the name of the OVA file you deployed and we'll go from there.


I have installed PNP-KICKSTART-VM-1.2.11-medium.ova


A Prime Infrastructure 2.0 server should use the "PI-VA-".

The PI 1.3 equivalent (not recommended as 2.0 does everything it does and more) would be "PI-VA-".

The PI 1.2 server software (REALLY not recommended) is no longer offered in the download section.

The PNP 1.2 ova is ONLY for adding a plug and play gateway to a PI 1.2 server.


As Marvin points out, the PNP gateway is a add-on product and not required to use Prime Infrastructure. First I would suggest upgrading to 1.3 or 2.0 if you can as 1.2 has many problems and shound not be run on production networks.

Whe you say you can't access the web UI, does it just not connect or not taking your username and password. I have had problems using Firefox and needed to clear out the network web cache, even though Cisco claimed to have fixed this issue. I don't have this issue with Chrome.

If it's not taking your username and password, the default web UI username is root so admin will not work until you configure a user with this name.

To start the app from the CLI, just enter NCS start. It will take up to 20 minutes to start up completely so be patient. I hope one of these suggestions help.


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