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Cisco Prime Port level Redundancy

Rajinder Parshad

Dear All,

Hope everyone is safe during this pandemic.


I have configured Cisco Prime Infrastructure UCS Physical HW Appliance (Gen 3). It is only one appliance.

It is connected both (Primary and Secondary) core switches. How I can achieve the redundancy ? Currently, it is working with Primary core. If I shutdown the primary port, then it is unreachable as secondary port doesn't have any IP connectivity.


If there is an issue with primary port, it should fail over to the secondary core. 

I am looking for some port channel, which may be configured via CIMC.


Any body have an idea on it ?

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VIP Engager

Look at this post dated in 2019 that says


This isn't possible today.  Whether a physical or virtual NCS/Prime Infrastructure appliance, the two NICs are separate and cannot be ether channeled, NIC Teamed or combined in any other way with one IP address covering both of them. When both NICs are used, one will be for reaching the GUI for access and the other for sending SNMP traffic over to the managed devices, but most folks use just one. 


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