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Cisco Prime vs DCNM for Nexus 2k, C6500 and netflow

Jeremy Dubrulle

Hi, I'm looking for the best solution.

I've two 6500 with VSS, some Nexus 56128P and Nexus 2k.

I would like to have a solution where I can manage these switches and a solution doing netflow collection.

Can you tell me what's the best choice?

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DCNM is 100% absolutely useless garbage.  Stay far away from it if you value your time and sanity in any conceivable way.  I'm not sure if 6500's are even supported as it's meant for Nexus and MDS switches.  The issue with Prime is that there must be some internal fighting because they have stopped adding support for Nexus in Prime.  All of your switches should be supported but Cisco has told me that there will be NO updates for any Nexus switches or any versions of NX-OS moving forward.  I just built out 4 new DC's with mostly 9300's and this is exactly where Cisco decided to stop supporting Nexus in Prime.  I had used Prime on 9500's previously but the 9300 is where they drew a line in the sand, forcing me to use DCNM and hating every second of it ever since. 



Today I looked for Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.6 Supported Devices file and Nexus 9504 and also Nexus 7000/7006 keeping supported by this plataform. 


I think that Cisco told you about no updates related of data center features of this Nexus switches. In this case of a new DC's environment with Nexus switches, this recomendations is to use DCNM.


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