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I need to Add Event type to the list available when creating Alarm Policy, as I see that there is no enough event type in the list, for example I need to change the alarm of received port security violation to be info instead of critical, how can fin...

most_ahdy by Beginner
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Добрый день. Не работают тегированные интерфейсы VLAN. Настраиваю интерфейс VLAN ID 3 и 4 по инструкции: но IP адрес ...

I am using Prime Infrastructure 3.1. I would like to create a template that will affect all ports with only a specific setting. For example, I have "ip verify source tracking" on some interfaces, "ip verify source" on others, and neither on others. I...

binarycow by Beginner
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Resolved! Ansible problems

Hi   I'm trying ansible for the first time and have meet some problems in getting the basics to work. I have a simple playbook that runs a command and saves the output in a file, but it won't work.   ansible-playbook -vvvv playbooks/backup_cisco_rout...