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Cisco works LMS 2.6 hangs when multiple users are accessign.


Hi ,

I am using LMS 2.6 , when multiple users log in to Ciscoworks server. it hangs and i need to restart the Server.

after that it works fine.these is happenign every week.

some one can help appreciated.


Shaik Nissar Ahmed

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Michel Hegeraat
Rising star
Rising star

Only time I saw this was because multiple users did a RDP session to the server and launching the web interface locally

It was clearly not designed to works that way.

Anyway the server don't stop but spend most of it's time doing memory swap. This is not happening on your machine I suppose?

How many sessions?



Hi Michael ,

Actually it was not a RDP Connection to the Server

We have Remote Web Access Users who are connecting to the LMS 2.6 to Access the Application and moniterign the Campus manager Gui.

and the number of Conecction is almost 10 users regularly.and some time the Applicaiton hang and it cannot display the Campus manager.


Shaik Nissar Ahmed

That does take quite a lot of resources.

In LMS version 3 cisco has added more lightweight html interface that allows to see a part of the topology based on a selected node and up to x cdp hops away other nodes.

Unfortunately it only shows the actual node status and not the link status.

If most of these people only need a RO view op the topology map then I would suggest to have one pc doing the session and all others use a VNC like connection of that same screen.

If all need RW then a separate server with more CPU/memory decicated to Campus may solve you issue.

I'm not to sure how well the multiuser concept has been implemented in Campus thought



HI Michel,

we are in the process of upgrading the Appication, but for time being if can found any work around for it it wil be great.

anyway i have a Server with 4 gb ram and 600 GB HDD and 4 Intel Xeon processor.which is best suitable as per the Server requirement.


Shaik Nissar Ahmed.

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