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CiscoPrime 3.9 Web Application Issue

So just a few weeks after an Update from 3.7 to 3.9 the Cisco Prime Web App just stopped working.

It suddenly stopped loading, sometimes I only can Login, sometimes it even let me see my dashboard but mostly it just runs into a timeout. I first thougth it is a VMWare problem but all other VM's are fine.

Only the Prime stopped working. Any ideas or experiences?

VIP Mentor


 - When that happens check the output of 

              cisco-prime/admin# ncs status 


I will, also I created a new instance from an application backup sadly It just does not work.

It responds to a ping but as soon as I try to connect to the web  application it just runs into


The NCS status command looks good, everything is running, but it still runs into timeout.


 - Check if you have no intermediate firewalling solutions, which could block full access to the Prime GUI.


No, there are no proxies or firewalls between the server and my client. I tried to ping from the prime server to his own gateway and it simply does not work.


 - (temporarily) Disable any local AV and or firewalling solutions on your device too , as a test. If persistent try from another device as a sanity check. If the problem continues try to fetch the page with wget and or turn on debugging too, see what happens and or provide output here.


Thanks for the help so far. The output for  wget https://[myipadress]/webacs --no-check-certificate only gets me the "Connection Refused". I also did the debug all command but no luck so far.


 - It still means that the GUI-service is not running , if ncs status reports everything is OK, then reboot the prime-server but scrutinize the boot process when all services are being started , make sure no errors are seen.


The output from the logging is not really helpfull either, I tried this command.

"show logging | include "CURRENT DATE" | include ERROR"

I get a lot of these, it spams my whole logging history

[seqtaskexecutor-11] Error wirelessuser - ERROR: Station entry NULL for ----XXXXXXXXXXX