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ciscoworks cs and rme

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hi all,

how can i move(copy) a device from common services to rme?

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Fadi Twal
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

go to RME > Admin > Device managment > Device managment settings.

there you can enable the Auto allocate (this will move the CS devices automatically to the RME)

hi fadi twal,

firstly thanks..but i want to copy 1 device from cs to it possible?

you can select the option to auto allocate a certain group which this device is listed under.

if this group contain more than the device you need then you can go to

RME > Device > Device managment > Normal devices > select and suspend the un-needed devices.

in this case you will have your device in RME and the others are suspended.

hope this helps

ok it works thanks for your helps..

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hi fadi twal,

i added a new device on common services.And i have clicked Enable Auto Mode (RME > Admin > Device Mgmt > Device Man. Settings)

but i can't see the new device in RME. i am searching the device in RME > Devices > Device Management | RME Devices)

shouldn't i see the new device in RME automatically?

yes you should,

but did you enable the Auto allocate for all devices?

i have attached the this right configuration for all devices?

yes this is correct,

so did you check if the device under one of the following:

RME > Device > device managment

1.     Normal
2.     Pending
3.     Pre-deployed
4.     Suspended
5.     Alias
6.     Conflicting

nope, there is not no one of them..


can you try the following,

disable the Auto allocate (click apply) then enable it again (click apply)

then delete the device from the CS then add it again.

check the RME and let me know how it goes.

i did it but unfortunalety not working...

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Level 1

hi again,

now i see the devices under rme devices..but i took about 2 days

can i configure the rme update time ?is it configurable or does rme update itself as soon as add device to common service?

rme update itself as soon as add device to common service

so it seems that there was a process stuck or the properties file not updated,

to make sure that the issue is gone try to delete the device from CS and check in RME,

then try to add it again and check RME (make sure that the device is added to the DCR correctly)

ok thanks a lot for your helps..