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Ciscoworks Server Performance Issue


Hi ,

I have a CiscoWorks Server running LMS 2.6 version.I have seen the cpu utilization is spiking always between 85 - 95%.Also observed there are atleast 15-20 instances of cwjava.exe are running. The process dbsrv9.exe and sm_server.exe is taking memory around 1.1GB.

Please let me know is this the normal behavior in ciscoworks server.We are managing around 650 devices through ciscoworks server.

Please let me know your observation.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks & Regds,


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Derek Clothier

Hi Lalit,

     When you say " the cpu utilization is spiking always between 85 - 95%." , do you mean it is sitting there continuously, or is it running at a lower level of CPU and then regularly spiking to 85 - 95 %.  Has your LMS server always run with this CPU utilization, or has it changed recently for no apparent reason ?

     What platform are you running LMS 2.6 on, in particlar the CPU power and the amount of physical memory and swap space (Page file in windows) that you have configured ?

     In terms of multiple cwjava.exe processes, that is normal.  To relate these processes to specific LMS process names, execute the command pdshow from the server cli and then match the process id to the process id for specific cwjava.exe processes.

     The process dbsrv9.exe is the database server.  There should be multiple of these processes running, 1 for each database.  If you follow the process above you will be able to relate the one that is holding a lot of memory, to a specific LMS Database process.  Which one is holding the memory ?

     The process sm_server.exe is one of the main processes for DFM.  It is normal for this process to hold a lot of memory and consume a lot of CPU (DFM is very resource intensive). In particular, each time you re-start the LMS daemons, DFM re-discovers all of the network elements that it is managing, and this is resource intensive and depending on the number of devices  can take some time to complete.

     I hope this helps.


Derek Clothier

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