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Command way to enable/disable ACL switch SG350-28p


Hi threre !


First of all thanks for reading it =). I have a ACL created via web interface, and I need to apply it to a determinate port by command.

I have been surfing in the community and I every where say the same:


Device> enable
Device# configure terminal
Device(config)# interface fastethernet 0/0/0
Device(config-if)# ip access-group <created_ACL> in
Device(config-if)# end

The problem is that the command "ip access-group" is not recognized in my cisco. If I put the "?" command to see the posibles commands only appear "ip access-list".


What I am doing wrong? Any idea?


Thanks again.


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VIP Advisor

Hi  @Alzor ,


Query, the ip access-list command achieve to apply the ACL?

Sometimes you will find different ways to apply an ACL, could be access-list, access-group, access-class.

But all should achieve the same.


Try the command that you mention and tell us how it goes with that



when I try to use this command, the param that must be putted are ones to create a new ACL. If I do it an error happend because the name of the ACL is repeated each time I executed the command.

So, by this way I cant automatized the process.

PD: thanks for the reply.
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