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compare template with last archive config

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Hello every one,

I would to know if there is a way to compare the last configuration of one/all equipment(s) with a template (User defined tasks)

I explain why.

In my compagny, if an equipements is out of service, some one replace the equipements.

in the new equipement there is the minimal configuration for download the full configuration by remote access (netconfig job)

but the problem is : the configuration evolve constantly, so we must uptdate templates, but we have to make sure in all templates there is the last configuration.

thanks a lot

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Do you have any kind of network management platform, such as CiscoWorks or anything like that? Most of them do have reports/jobs you can run to compare configs.

If you don't, then you might want to look into something like ExamDiff ( to compare the configs against your template.

Now, if you have a lot, that can get very tedious doing them one by one all the time. Its possible you could script something to automate this as well.

thank you for answering me

yes I have LMS ciscowork, and there is over 450 equipements to manage

so I would like to find a way to know if the template each equipement is the same of the last archive configuration

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This is something impossible ? or no one understand my question ?