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Create a rule for TCP Ping on Cisco ASDM



I was not able to find a solution for my issue, so who better to ask than Cisco community.

I am setting a PRTG monitoring system in my company and one of the requests is that we ping 4-5 our internal servers from PRTG Server that is located in Ireland. This way we know that we are reachable from the outside.

When I create a "Cloud Sensor" in PRTG I get the following error: "TCP Ping on port: 80 timeouted/port is closed".

It is my understanding that I need to create a rule and let the TCP ping from the IP address of the PRTG server in Ireland to our servers. The problem is I AM NOT A FIREWALL GUY. I do not know how to do this. I know how to create a rule (yey) but what to enter in it - that is the problem. I dont know if the rule should be outside or inside, the list does not say "TCP Ping" in the rule.

We are using Cisco ASDM 7.7(1)151.

Is there a good soul that can really create a simple walktrough having in mind that I am a noob in this?


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You need to use service as ICMP in the image you have posted in the forum.


again traceroute is bit tricky, when the source intiated connection (inside or outside you need to match rules)




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