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Sean Gilkes

dcrcli command line options

Hi all,

     I'm using the dcrcli common services command line utility as part of a Perl script which is being called as part of a cgi script.  The problem I am facing is that the dcrcli utility keeps producing messages like "<dcrcli> * Password file found using DCRCLIFILE environment variable." on standard out, and I cannot find a way of shutting it off.  This is causing the Apache server to stop the script with this message:

[Fri Apr 29 13:47:40 2011] [error] [client] malformed header from script. Bad header=Exporting Devices...:, referer: https://cw-server/cgi-bin/
[Fri Apr 29 13:47:42 2011] [error] [client] <dcrcli> * Password file found using DCRCLIFILE environment variable.\r, referer: https://cw-server/cgi-bin/



Did you set the DCRCLIFILE correctly, or use the tip in this thread:

The code does the following:

$ENV{'DCRCLIFILE'} = "\\dcrclifile.txt";

system("dcrcli -u admin cmd=exp -expCred fn=$infile ft=CSV") == 0 || die "Creation of CiscoWorks export file failed: $?";


The file is accessible (both the dcrclifile.txt and the output filename specified in dcrcli command line), because the output file is created.  The message logged in Apache's error.log file:

"malformed header from script. Bad header=Exporting Devices...:"

Shows that the dcrcli command is running: the part "Exporting Devices..." is the output message from dcrcli...

The malformed header error? That could be fixed as simply as adding "print header();" or "print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";" to the script.

My issue is with the DCRCLI command: I don't want to see any output from its execution!  For example, consider this simple script and its output.

The script:

#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w

use strict;

$ENV{'DCRCLIFILE'} = "dcrclifile.txt";
my $res = `dcrcli -u admin cmd=exp fn=export.csv ft=CSV`;


The outupt:


* Password file found using DCRCLIFILE environment variable.
Result=Exporting Devices...
Devices exported successfully to the file D:\Temp\DCRExport.csv

The line before "Result=" I can't seem to redirect.  I certainly would not want the output from this command messing up a carefully aligned web page, so putting a HTML content type before the command is executed is not an option...  I guess this is more of a Perl question rather than a cli question, because I don't think you can switch off these messages; I would just like to know if anyone knows how to redirect them...

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

You could try:

my $res = `dcrcli -u admin cmd=exp fn=export.csv ft=CSV 2>NUL`;
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