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Device Package for Catalyst 3850

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We are running Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution version 4.2.3. Any idea when we can expect to see an LMS device package for the new 3850 switches? Right now we can't capture the configuration on a test 3850 and some things get reported incorrectly in fault manager.

When trying to sync the configuration for the switch the job fails with the following error: CM0205 Device package for not found Check whether the specified package path - "D:/PROGRA~2/CSCOpx/MDC/tomcat/webapps/rme/WEB-INF/lib/pkgs" is correct Action: Check if required device packages are available

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Marvin Rhoads
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Hall of Fame

They should be supported if your device packages are current.

See the supported devices table here.

For fault management, the support was introduced in update 3.0 in March 2013, just about then the switches started shipping. See the release notes for that update.

I keep the packages up to date. I checked and I have the packages completely up to date as of today. Looking at the list of supported devices (thanks for the link btw), it makes me think there may be some bug or misconfiguration issue that we need to take up with Cisco support. The error message about not finding an RME package should give them some guidance on what to look at.

Another finding and a clue: I am testing a 3850-24P-L, not S nor E. Perhaps they haven't yet provided support for the LAN Base model. The Device Type field under Device Properties doesn't offer the LAN Base model as an option:

Yes, that looks like an oversight. Open a TAC case and they should add the -L models. I got a Nexus 7k card added via that method last year.

BTW, LMS keys on the snmp OID to determine what it's seeing. If the product's OID isn't in the definition file, it will not be unrecognized.

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As an update to this, Cisco has now registered CSCuj61704 to cover this problem. I will try to remember to update this thread when Cisco provides a fix to LMS. Surely others must be using the 3850-24P-L model with LMS. Not being able to capture the configuration in LMS is a serious issue.

Thanks for the update.

Sadly, not everyone avails themselves of all the features nor checks their tools to see they're working as they should. It would be nice if Cisco's QA (either on the hardware BU or the network management BU) caught all of these but they don't. Cisco is hardly alone in this - all tool vendors have opportunities to improve in this regard. Anyone who's searched on SolarWinds Thwack forum and found 3 year old unanswered questions that remain as features not implemented or outright bugs several major releases later can attest to that.

Customers like yourself holding them accountable gets resources put on the tasks.