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Cisco Employee

Error message when adding 90 day eval license

Hi, a partner was installing an instance of PI and when attempted to enter a 90 day eval license, he received the following message, "Unknown feature (PI-VM)" - screenshot attached. 

Any ideas of what might be happening?


Kind regards,



Marvin Rhoads
VIP Community Legend

It looks like an incorrect license file type is being used. What was the source of that?

The default evaluation license should be included in the image and not need to be downloaded and applied separately.

Thank you for the response.  The file was generated at the Cisco's Product License Registration website using the Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.x Evaluation License process.  The license selected was:

Prime Infrastructure 2.x - 90 day Eval (Base, LF, AS, UCS Server / VM management).

​It would not accept it and the process of applying the license doesn't finishes.

Marvin Rhoads
VIP Community Legend

Hmm, OK. It that case sounds like a bug in the license generation tool.

It might be difficult to open a TAC case for an evaluation product.

I'd suggest emailing to and they might be able to help you out.

Hi, i have the same problem. I have send a mail to to explain the problem but i don't receive any responses.

Do you have an idea ?

Just had exactly the same problem with a customer. We just opened the .lic file in a notepad, erased the VM part the caused the error and the installation competed smoothly... So, I suppose it's at least worth to try!

Thx you gtsamoulis it's working when i delete the VM part.

Great !!

Have a nice day.