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Hearing voice chat-like sounds through computer

i have been having problems with my computer for past year, but i never really payed any attention to them, until now.

I had issues where mouse would randomly jump during usage, attributing this only to generic mouse jumpiness, more often, computer acting as if CTR or ALT or windows key was being pressed, this appearing completely randomly and apparently unrelated to any running software - i have read somewhere that windows 10 had some kind of this issue, and i could easily fix it with pressing both ctrl/alt/windows keys at the same time few times to relieve this, so i wasnt particularly concerned, even though i did a repair of windows once, which didnt help for long.

However, what happend today, scared me somewhat, as i have never ever crossed path with anything similar.

I have been watching youtube and chatting with a friend over steam, when i put my headphones on instead of speakers after months, and noticed strange sounds. I could clearly hear someone, as if over voice chat, not talking, just sitting at computer. I could hear keypresses, clicks and what sounded like someone drinking water and putting down the glass on wooden table.

I first checked if my mic was disabled, then looked through playback devices, nothing looking like producing sound.

At first i have writtent to friend over steam, to say something, thinking its some new steam chat feature or something, but i couldnt hear him say anything when he tried.

Then i clearly heard someone receive a message on phone - three beeps of some kind, a pause, then a crackling click, like when you pull the speakers out of jack connector, and since then nothing.

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