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Hi, Every body

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Level 1

I have a cisco 1721 modular had 1 serial wan  interface and 1 modular slot for fixing another serial wan

inetrface and 1 ethernet port(RJ 45)i want to fix multiple ethernet ports (interface) into the modular slot(which is

for serial interface)  can it  possible  to fix multiple ethernet ports into modular slot if i can fix it then from where

i can get this multiple ethernet portport(RJ 45).

thankx alot in advance.

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Marvin Rhoads
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

You could add a one-port 10BASE-T Ethernet interface (WIC-1ENET). Please refer to the Cisco 1721 data sheet here:

The 1721 product is end-of-life so you may not be able to find the part you need. Also, it is quite old and does not have very much processing power. A simpler solution would be to purchase a bit more modern device that already has the capabilities you desire. You should be able to find a device (even used but of more recent vintage) for low cost that does what you need much more easily. Another alternative would be to attach the single Ethernet port you already have to a small switch.

If you would share your desired goal, we may be able to offer more helpful suggestions.