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How smart is Prime configurator?


Hi Gurus

I would like to know how smart 'prime' is when it comes to deploying configuration changes.  

Is there somewhere it can be made to check in the existing configuration for an element (e.g. an Interface config) and, only if a particular entry exists (like a macro definition), deploy a changed configuration to that element.

The purpose of this is to be able to configure an initial macro to a selection of interfaces and, sometime in the future be able to modify the configuration on the same interfaces.


macro name SetValue
Command1 value 1
Command2 value 1

macro name SetDifferentValue
Command1 value 1a
Command2 value 1a

interface range G1/0/1,G1/0/3,G1/0/5
macro apply SetValue

interface range G1/0/2,G1/0/4,G1/0/6
macro apply SetDifferentValue

After this configuration the interface configs should be something like:

interface range G1/0/1,G1/0/3,G1/0/5
Command1 value 1
Command2 value 1
macro description SetValue

interface range G1/0/2,G1/0/4,G1/0/6
Command1 value 1a
Command2 value 1a
macro description SetDifferentValue

If, in the future I need to change the value of Value1, I would like Prime (or maybe some other tool if somebody knows of one) to check for the 'macro description SetValue' line and reapply the macro with a different value

Any takers?

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If I got your question right you only would like to change the configuration on devices where one or more conditions are true.

You should maybe check Compliance Policies and Profiles and you would also find some examples in there where you can check different things on the devices and some configuration as well.

Then you will get a report and see on which devices you have to make some config changes

Maybe this is the proper solution for your issue



Thanks Josef, I looked and found the same course of action.  Unfortunately I then found out that our Prime doesn't have this feature so that is going to hinder me a bit.  

Before we request an upgrade, is it likely to be a case of getting the devices from the compliance list and then crafting a set of commands to implement? If so then it isn't really time saving.  

I am happy to have compliance produce a list of devices that I have to configure into a group.  But I would like it then to also produce and deploy the configuration changes on the group given a basic template.

I'm thinking perl or similar may be the way to go


For the configuration itself you could use a configuration template.
You can also create this with forms (with variables) and dynamicaly configure the devices via the template and also you can select the devices/groups you want to apply this template.

But I totally get your concerns about this.
"First creating a list to see where the current arguments match and then to create a template to apply changes"

I'm sorry if I couldn't help you in the way you wanted (I am also just starting to use prime).
Maybe another User got more knowledge about prime.

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