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How to get LMS to not ping interfaces


We are using non-advertised IPs on many devices, but LMS is attempting to ping these addresses and setting off all sorts of security alarms.  Anyone know how to stop LMS 4.1 from pinging the interfaces?  We don't even want LMS to do any fault monitoring so if that could be turned off, it would be even better.


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DFM periodically pings all managed IP addresses to determine if they

are reachable. (Device IP Addresses and component IP Addresses) To stop ICMP polling to a particular IP address, please perform below

steps: 1)  Execute the below command to check which component has the IP from

CSCOpx/objects/smarts/bin:  dmctl -s DFM1 get IP:: IP- Example: dmctl -s DFM get IP:: IP- You can identify the device from the attribute HostedBy in the output. 2. Unmanage the particular IP from Detailed Device View a)  Go to Monitor > Fault Settings > Setup > Fault Device Details. b)  Select the Device and press view. c)  Click on the device name, Detailed Device View will get appear d)  Select IP , unmanage that particular IP by changing managed state to false and submit. e)  Then go to Monitor > Fault Settings > Setup > Apply Changes and press Yes


To remove completely:

1)  Open a command prompt and navigate into NMSROOT/bin

2)  Execute the command pdreg -u  

Fault Management (DFM)

* AdapterServer

* AdapterServer1

* DataPurge

* DfmServer

* DfmServer1

* DFMLogServer

* DFMCTMStartup

* DfmBroker

* DFMMultiProcLogger

* DFMOGSServer

* EPMServer

* EPMDbEngine

* FHPurgeTask

* FHDbEngine

* FHServer

* Interactor

* Interactor1

* InventoryCollector

* InventoryCollector1

* INVDbEngine

* NOSServer

* PMServer

* PTMServer

* TISServer

IPSLA Performance Management  (IPM)

* IPMProcess

* IpmDbEngine

* IPMOGSServer

Device Performance Management  (HUM)

* UPMDbEngine

* UPMProcess

* UPMDbMonitor


As you can tell, this is not the intended operation for LMS, it is unsupported and may introduce unintended consequences. If you choose this or any course of action... Take a backup prior to making changes!

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