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LMS 4 device license count

Dears,In previous LMS versions the DCR could hold more devices then the licenses of the other other applications permitted and using the "user defined fields" we have used it as a general device repository for some customers, pushing only the support...

LMS 3.2 in solaris

Hi,We  are using LMS 3.2 in Sun platform.In which directory LMS archiving the  configuration files of all the routers,under shadow directory i am able  to find few routers configuration and also i need to have date wise  configuration.Through GUI in ...

CiscoWorks LMS 4.0

Hi, when I access in my CiscoWorks LMS 4.0 to Admin>Network Monitor/Troubleshoot>RMON Configuration and try to edit my location and contact information to a specific device appear this error.Please help me with this issue

Resolved! TCL ACL-Editor

Hello, may be somebody have working tcl script which edit ACL in "user friendly mode", I found this for some reason it's not working

Active Connection

Hello World,please can someone tell me how do I see active connections in a cisco router without nat? Like:I have a LAN beyond a router and would like to know how is consuming the link bandwidthregardsAlcides Miguel

Resolved! tcl snmp_bulkget max repetitions

Is there a limit to the number of reptitions when performing an snmp_bulkget?I am running 15.1(2)GC on a 3825, and trying to process some oids in the ipRouteEntry table (roughly 120 routes).The following command only returns 66 entries no matter what...

ryanhitch by Beginner
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DFM discovery problem - LMS 4.0

Hi...I have a problem with DFM device discovery, While rediscovering devices all the devices are in questioned state - snmp timeout. But inventory and config management is working.  Its running on a windows 2008-r2 server. I have looked at the local ...

sem7433 by Beginner
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