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How to Set Up Guest WiFi Network on RV340W?

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I need help setting up a guest WiFi network on my RV340W. I would like guests to be able to access the internet but not our shared drives etc. 


I was trying to follow these instructions: but they are not applicable exactly to the RV340W. Maybe I need to get matching hardware? I have attached a diagram of my network setup.


I followed those instructions pretty closely. I have a VLAN set up with VLAN ID 25. I have LAN1,2,and 4 set to excluded and LAN3 set to tagged. My default VLAN ID is 1 and all 4 ports are set to untagged. I created a WiFi network and set its VLAN to 25. I can see the SSID and connect to it, but I don't get any internet. 

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Accepted Solutions

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 On the print you sent, on vlan 25 says DHCP disable. Are you getting IP address when connect on the SSID?

Yes. "The WiFi has the self-assigned IP Address and will not be able to connect to the Internet"


However, I cannot find the device anywhere on the DHCP Bindings table. 

169.254.x.x means no IP address. This is APIPA address.  You probably dont have DHCP running

I probably don't. What do you suggest I do? Should I use a Server type DHCP? Relay Type? What do I fill in for all those empty fields?vlan.PNGvlan server.PNG


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That worked! Thank you.

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