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Connect two SVI with Different Subnet

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I have this topology with two SVI with Different Subnet, how to connect them together?

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 You already did. The router in the center is the connection point. You just need to configure IP address on G2 and G3 interface.

But if you intend to provide IP address to the windows machine, you need to setup ip helper address on the router 

I already  set the IP address for router interfaces, and SVI in both SW-Client and SW-Server  with "ip default-gateway" and "ip name-server"

for purpose of management and telnet connection from my Server to SW-Clinet no reply from SW-Client 


all interface in the same Vlan also 

all ready set VTY config 

But you can ping the switch? 

Also, add this route:

ip route  "router´s ip address" 

I´ve seing "ip default gateway failing in the past in simulator.


If you export and attach here the GNS3 project I can open and will be easier to help.

OK, would you send me your email so I can email you the GNS3 file

You can attach right here. You just need to zip it.

I added a pc with ip: and ping successful but when pinging SVI: ping failed,


you can replace the WindowsServerDC with pc for ping testing

The PC is getting error


VMware VM "WindowsServerDC-1" [01173c86-7ef5-4c36-ac67-e030680cac35]: could not find VMX file "E:\Omran\Project DataCenter-Lab\Windows Server DC\Windows Server DC.vmx"

Can you please delete the PC and attach again. I dont need the PC since you problem is connect from server to switch. 



The default gateway of the server is the router isn't it ie. it should not be the SVI on the switch. 



Yes, The default gateway of the server is the router GW: 



are these layer 2 or layer 3 switches ? Post the full running configurations (sh run) of all three devices.

Jon Marshall
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They are connected by the router. 


If you mean ping between the switches then assuming the switches are not acting as L3 switches then on each switch set the default gateway to the corresponding interface on the router eg. 


ip default-gateway <IP address of router interface in that vlan> 



Already did that:


from the server, the ping replay from the gateway

but from SW-Client  Request time out


Do you mean (as per your drawing). 


Presumably no acls on the router so make sure the router interface on the switch is in the right vlan. 


Can you ping the client from the server ?