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Howto debug Prime Infrastructure performance issues?

Tobias Heisele


since the installation of the last patch (3.1.5 Update 2) the Prime is "slow" - at least the Gui is not really responsive. Sometime it is better, sometime it seems to be frozen. I tested different client, different browsers, disabled the proxy.

Does anyone know, how to debug such a behaviour? Which log file is to check? All vital parameters (CPU, MEM, Disk, IO & NIC) are ok, besides management of the devices is working fine.

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Has been an issue with the alarm indexes within the oracle database - fixed by TAC

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VIP Mentor

 - Depends . what platform are you using ; if VM; check your 'vmware tool statistics' to check mem/cpu/diskio (e.g.)


Thanks for your post, but in my case the vital parameter from the vm itself are all fine. That's why I'm looking for a possibility to debug inside the application. I'm missing the good old "pdshow" :-(

  - Did you size the prime-vm according to your network-size; as you might know during the installation you can choose  between a number of 'modes' of the VM  depending on how big the network is; did you do this correctly  ?


it is a "Professional" installation (to enable the compliance engine) and in the System Management Dashboard all resources look fine, too.

Has been an issue with the alarm indexes within the oracle database - fixed by TAC

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