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Is there a Cisco solution to track stolen IP?



I rent a dedicated web server and I have a question for Cisco Experts. 

Yesterday, I rebooted my server and discovered that one of my IP address has been stolen by another server. In the log, I have found that another NIC took my secondary IP address. This crashed the network connectivity of my server and I had to disable the said secondary IP address to bring my server back online. 

After many message exchange with my web hosting provider (leaseweb netherlands), it has been sorted out after 24 hours. 


However, now, I am concerned that I could see one of my IP addresses stolen everytime I restart my server to update the Kernel. 


I relate my story to another story reported to me by a security specialist who told me that spammer tries to steal other server IP addresses on a network to send spams. 


Is there a cisco system to monitor Mac addresses against IP addresses?

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  - An IP address can't be stolen, but get's assigned, either by automatic means (DHCP) or by a network authority. Anyone can assign any ip  address to any device in the world. But the device will operate correctly on it's designated subnet only, if all addresses on that subnet are unique. In this case if it's a hosted web server, the only authority you can complain too is your ISP.




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