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Issue Transferring file from TFTP Server to Switch

Matthew Martin
Level 5
Level 5

Hello All,

Switch: Cisco SG220-50P

We just received this switch the other day, and I am trying to upload the most recent Version of the Firmware, Release, onto this switch. Since the switch is not yet configured/on the network, I configured a laptop to act as a Gateway for the Switch and directly connected the laptop and switch via an Ethernet cable.

I can successfully ping the Switch from the Laptop, and also I can ping the Laptop from the Switch. So that part is good.

Laptop: (
Switch: (, Default-Gateway

When I enter the commands below I get a strange error, that when I searched online for it I found nothing at all with that error... See below:

Switch# copy tftp:// flash://Sx220-R1.0.0.18.bin
Local file is not support
Switch# copy tftp:// flash://
Local file is not support

Thinking that maybe it could be the filename, I made a copy of the bin file on the laptop and renamed it from Sx220-R1.0.0.18.bin -to- new_release_image, and then I retired copying...

Switch# copy tftp:// flash://new_release_image
Local file is not support
Switch# copy tftp:// flash://
Local file is not support

Anyone have any idea what that error means, I'm kind of stumped..?

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, please feel free to respond, it would be very much appreciated.!!

Thanks in Advance,

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Mark Malone
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hey so the first thing i remember with these switches is they have intermediate firmware's and if  you dont go to them first it wont work , you cant basically like standard IOS just jump from first to last version , you could check if that's your issue by trying a version thats just above the current if that works that could be the issue

Also if you still cant get it working by TFTP these switches support HTTP upload from the GUI under admin section

Hey Mark, thanks for the reply!

So I'm still not sure why that wasn't uploading with the Copy command. The current version on there is and I was trying to upload, so I don't think that should have been the issue...

However, I had just been made aware that with this new Switch we got, it has a Management Web GUI that you can use to do just that. So on the laptop that I setup as the Switch's gateway, I went to the Switch's IP Address in my Web Browser and was able to login and upload the .bin file from there without any issues.

So at this moment, I have the new Firmware image uploaded onto the Switch, and I'll just need to make it the active image and then reboot and I should be good...

Thanks again for your reply Mark. Much appreciated...