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licensing on Prime Infrastructure

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My question is related to licensing for 1 ) PI3.x and 2) Migration from PI2.X to PI3.X

1) When I setup N7K with several VDC => does this consume extra tokens because of the VDC concept ?

2) If I migrate from PI2 to PI3, according to the doc. This should happen for free => no need to buy or relicense the product.

However If I have 200 tokens in PI2 with a mixed inventory of stacks, Nexus , Catalyst devices where every device (N7K, Cat4, Stack) only consume 1 token what will be the result of my licenses after the migration. Do I have to by extra licenses because in PI3 the count of licenses is different ?



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Level 1
Level 1

what i see in my pi 3.0 there is no change licince wise from a pi 2.x

but from pi 3.1 there is a huge cost inccres on the biggest device

like the n7k cost 14 token for 1  device.

but i must say the way they have made the alarm system (both snmp syslog now). And the new alarm system with alarm policies is for me making a system that work as i hope back in the day where the release pi for wired.

and is first here in pi 3.1 that cisco relly have made the program they said that pi should be/where (it is now what lms were back in the days just simplified)

ohh yer and you should go after the proffesinal install of pi so you get the compliance feature.

my test so faar tell me that you should NOT change the default resoruce allocation, since ever time you update the system it make a check for what resource it have and change stuff in the back ground :( EVIL and i could not see what version i was on with the show version either (expres, standard or profesinal):(

my recomendation so faar is go  pi 3.1 (still not live on it but i relly love what it offer)