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LMS 4.1 EnergyWise Cat 3750 3560 2960 Support

LMS 4.1 Eval

Work Centers > EnergyWise > Getting Started

EnergyWise Software Incapable Devices

Recommended Image fo Cat3560, Cat2960, Cat3750 is 12.2(58)SE

But EnergyWise support starting from 12.2(53)SE1

12.2(58)SE use EnergyWise phase2.5, but I don't need it now.

Why I can't use LMS4.1 for Cat3560, Cat2960, Cat3750 with IOS from interval 12.2(53)SE1 <  IOS < 12.2(58)SE

Maybe incompatibility of phases?  But LMS must have solution for this issue

Marvin Rhoads
Hall of Fame Guru

Do you have 12.2(53)SE1 or greater on one of those devices?

If so, is LMS still reporting it as incapable?

If not, try and upgrade to 12.2(53)SE1 and then re-check. LMS may be just recommending 2.5-level of capability in order to use all of the features of 2.5 that are available in 12.2(58)SE.

I have 12.2(55)SE4 and LMS show this version in the table

And it is EnergyWise Software Incapable

You seem to be hitting the note explained in the Technology Work Center Guide for EnergyWise. Please see this section and scroll up a bit. There is the note:

Upgrading Images of Devices having Lower EnergyWise Image

Some EnergyWise Capable devices might appear as EnergyWise Software Incapable Devices if they do not have the latest EnergyWise Capable IOS image. We recommend you to upgrade to the latest EnergyWise Capable IOS image to avail all the EnergyWise features in LMS 4.1. You can click the link to view the details of these devices and to upgrade to the recommended image version.

Hope this helps.

Cisco does not privide IOS 12.2(58)SE and later for Catalyst 3560-24PS, 3750-48PS, etc.

Latest - 12.2.55-SE4(ED)

Here's the problem

You are correct. It seems there's an error in the logic checking by LMS. In other words, a bug

I'd say the only way to address it at this point would be to open a TAC case. If they confirm it's a bug, development engineering may be able to prepare a patch which the TAC can give you to fix the logic.

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