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LMS 4.2 Device Discovery

I have used every version of LMS since 1.0 and I'm very familiar with the software.  My problem is with the last few versions and the device discovery feature.  It seems that in earlier versions, once the seed device was configured and devices had the appropriate community strings and cdp was enabled, the device was discovered.  With these earlier versions, all of my devices were discovered.  Any new device added to the network was also discovered.  I never had to deal with devices that were "Unreachable" as all my devices were "Reachable". My network has not changed.  I still have the same core switch ip address since version 1.0.  My edge switches are still configured for the network as they always have.  Same community strings.  What has changed is the LMS discovery process.  What's going on with these "modules"?  I have 120 devices on my network and 117 will be "Unreachable".  Even the core switch is unreachable.  I have tried CDP, Global, seed device, DCR as seed.  Still the devices are unreachable.  There are no firewalls or access lists.  The LMS server has complete access to all devices.  Does anybody have any thoughts, comments??? Or am I just being too picky expecting the software to just work?  TIA                  


LMS 4.2 Device Discovery


I had problem with default/no default credentials.

Unreachable means the devices are discovered but the LMS is not able to communicate with them via SNMP.

Please check what kind of credentials are used by unreachable devices!

Good luck!

Cisco Employee

LMS 4.2 Device Discovery

Nothing has chnaged as considerable in discovery module since inception. Addition of new modules and algorithm has just made it stronger and smarter.

If all the devices are unknown there is certainly some issue with communication using snmp. I would request to modify and if you think multiple communities may be there try to configure all and keep the target *.*.*.*.

Following guide on LMS discovery stands from LMS old versions to till date similar on how it works :


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