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LMS 4.2 maximum records in syslog report is 10,000


LMS 4.2.1 W2K8 R2

I seem to be unable to generate a syslog report that contains > 10,000 records.  And I don't mean with run type immediate either.  I am scheduling them to run at the next 5 minute interval (incidentally, why not have an option that just says "run in background now"?  But I digress....)

I am facing an issue where a bunch of errors are being generated by a voice gateway and I want to determine when the problem started.  My syslog contains 7 days of records.  If I schedule a report to give me all syslog records for the last 1 week (or 7 days I have tried it both ways) for all devices at that location I get 10,000 records, and they are all for the current date.  If I schedule a report and select a date range in the past, I get records within that date range, but only 10,000.

Has anyone else run into this?


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Martin Ermel
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I think this should change what you want - if not, revert it to the default:

for security, make a backup of the following file and open it in a text editor:


change the following to a value that might fit your needs but be careful this can affect system performance:


save the file and restart the following syslog processes:

in a DOS box check the status of the following processes (they should be started) and restart them:

    pdshow SyslogAnalyzer SyslogCollector

    pdterm SyslogAnalyzer SyslogCollector

    pdexec SyslogAnalyzer SyslogCollector

    pdshow SyslogAnalyzer SyslogCollector

now, try to re-run your report.

Thanks for the suggestion Martin.  I tried changing it from 100,000 to 1,000,000 and it had no effect.  Still have a 10,000 record limit in the syslog reports.

I have a TAC case open on this.

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