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LMS Dashboard widget

Shabeer E
Level 1
Level 1


Where I can download "Lms dashboard widget" from cisco site?

Is this compatible with LMS3.2.1 ?

Thanks in advance!!

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Martin Ermel
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

here is a link to a video that explaines some general information about the widget. There it says that it is compatible with LMS 3.2, but they are talking about one of the earliest versions.

The actual version you can download is lms_widget_sw_v0.92.air and the readme says it is compatible with LMS 4.0 and above - LMS 3.2 is not mentioned - this means it is not support - so you could just try and see if it is working (but do not complain for any errors...)

[I looked for the "old" version for LMS 3.2 on CCO but couldn't find it any more ...]

link to the download page:

and to the readme:

will it go with LMS4.2 ?

... trial&error says it does !

you may need to change credentials, from 4.1 to 4.2 depending your setup, as TACACS now works correctly in 4.2