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LMS Topology services Error

Prasan Venky

Hi All,

I get error when i click on 'Topology Services' and the same is attached for reference. It asks to install plugin but still after installing also i get same error.

I dont see endorsed directory 'C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\lib\'  itself. Please provide some suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Prasan,

what is the LMS version you are using ?

Let's assume you are using LMS 4.1 in that case you need to have suggested JAVA and JRE version installed on the client machine.

Check the below link for that information:

I hope this will help



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Marvin Rhoads
VIP Community Legend VIP Community Legend
VIP Community Legend

Also make sure you have ONLY the suggested Java version. I have seen many issues trying to run both the Java 1.6 preferred by LMS along side the mroe recent Java 1.7 release.

The cleanest path, if you can use this option, is to uninstall Java altogether and then launch Topology. The LMS server should give you a popup page with a link the the most compatible Java package that is provided for your convenience on the LMS server. Download that and install (as local Administrator user) on your client machine.

The below link will help you

And also follow the Marvin Rhoads advice. Because upper version of java sometimes create problem.

Hi Marvin,

Even after uninstalled the JAVA version and installed the recommended version, gives same error..

Any help/...

Hi Prasan,

Can you try to launch the Topology from your Colleauge's Machine ?

And from your Machine , get the JAVA Console logs :

How to turn on Java Console for Internet Explorer:

Do this under.

Settings> Control Panel> Java Plug-in> Basic Tab> Java Console> Show console.

Now mimic the process that we need the debug for. (that means open topological services)   Capture the output of Java Console, and send it to me in a text format.

Note: Make sure you have ONLY the Supported JAVA installed on your machine



Thanks- Afroz [Do rate the useful post] ****Ratings Encourages Contributors ****

Thanks for your reply. Let me get it and get back.

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