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LMS4.1 - empty device selector - keeps after many reboots also



Knowing that device selectors in LMS are sensible and needs at least one reboot before working.

At this installation also the 4th reboot doesnt improve the situation.

The only device selector that is working is this:

Inventory => Device Administration => Add Import Manage Devices

All others in config/archive management, reporting, inventory collection ... still does not work showing 0 devices if selecting "All devices" allways, without any chance to select devices despite we can see 280 managed devices at this LMS through out all SW-modules shown in collection summary.


All *OGSserver processes are running, attached is also pdshow.log after 4th reboot

starting this 2 left processes doesnt improve the situation also:

pdexec CSDiscovery

pdexec UTMajorAcquisition

pls help, also hints in which logs we need to look would be nice

thx Steffen

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Vinod Arya
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

This is not correct that LMS is sensible to device selector and needs reboot before working fine. If this is your case than there is some issue which needs to be diagnosed.

By default CSDiscovery and UTMajorAcquisition are not running as they only run when discovery process starts (manually or schedules) and UTMajorAcquisition with UT Aquisition.

With all the processes up, the Inventory page does not shows any devices, is it possible to share the sceenshot of

Inventory => Device Administration => Add Import Manage Devices to see if the devices in known state or not?

Also, please confirm if this is a new install? Does other places shows device correctly? like in Config Archive? Software Management etc?



-Thanks Vinod **Rating Encourages contributors, and its really free. **

Hello Vinod,

Thank you for taking the time for answering. Yes it is a complete new installation (but not by myself).

So different experiences with device selectors:) In my experience it happens but very seldom that the LMS device selectors are working immediately and those just in little implementations (<100devices).

But it never happens to me that the 2nd or at least 3rd reboot didn’t fixed the issue, so I was not forced for detailed troubleshooting for this issue before.

The devices under Inventory => Device Administration => Add Import Manage Devices are in known state:

And the problem with none working device selector is, I can’t do nothing without the possibility for selecting devices – cant proof and showing you reporting, cm, swim etc .

The portlets in all dashbords are looking good (also from Inventory) and show the 280 devices. We can see DFM alarms also. CV, DC, TV shows devices as expected.

In the shadow dir I can see that LMS does backup configs.


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