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LMS4.2.2 User Role Bug

Level 4
Level 4


We need an user who is only permitted for viewing the network and doing VLAN-Port-Assignment.
But as shown in following example, its impossible because we run into a bug, that instead of
the expected "Configure VLAN" submenu item, we see the "Virtual Switching System" item, if the limited-user is logged in.
What can we do to can avoid this bug?

Menu limited-user@Configuration looks as following:
    ???Virtual Switching System???

Menu admin@Configuration looks as following:
    Configure VLAN
    VRF Lite
    Virtual Switching System

limited-user role was configured as following:
    Tools  X
    Workflows X
        Configure Port Assignment X
        Create/Delete Private VLAN
        Configure Promiscuous Ports
        Create/ Modify Trunk
        Configure/ Delete VLAN
        VRF Lite

Many thx in advance for hints, Steffen

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Level 4
Level 4

I opened a TAC-case with following result:

There is a unresolved bug in the Role Management flow with some broken locations. The main point is whenever you configure certain Role, you  need to add the “Getting Started” task also under Admin category while creating any new role in addition to your required tasks. In this special case with VLAN Port Assignment you will need Workflows=>VLAN=>Configure Promiscuous Ports as well.

You can also copy any defined Role in the system and modify it with the needed tasks keeping in mind to add the “Getting Started” and "Configure Promiscuous Ports". Its working with task- and with device authorisation as well.

When I was tested the given procedure for 1st time, it wasnt working. Just after creating a new user and a new role making that from the scratch it was working. I think there is a caching issue as well. Delete all unsuccessful tested user and user roles and start creating special role and special user from the scratch,

good luck


The issue is addressed in the bug below :

the Dev unit will updae the bug info with the fix release soon.


Ala'a Faisal Al-Khdyrat

CSE Engineer - NMS Team

Cisco Systems

Hi Ala'a,

Happy New Year for you and the Jordan TAC.

Thanks for this information. 

Is the fix in the LMS 4.2.3?



Hi Michel,

How long  Hope all is fine

Actually till now there is no clear info about the release which has the fix . the DE is checking that internally and they will update the bug link once this is confirmed .

you could use the workaround by always adding the “Getting Started” task under Admin category for each task you want to configure in certain Role to get it works.

Good Luck

Alaa Alkhdarat
Level 1
Level 1

As i get from DE heads up , The complete fix for this bug is enclosed in the LMS 4.2.4 release . this one is planned to be on hand on or before April.