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LMS4.2.4 TopologyView JRE1.7 problem


LMS4.2.4 TopologyView is the 1st version that requires JRE1.7 (1.6 before), by means the special Cisco bundled JRE image jre-7u21-windows-i586-p_withjacorb that tries to install 4 jar Files in a system folder.

This is only working on the LMS server logged in as real Administrator, but not from remote clients also with users having Windows-Administartor rights.

The step of placing the 4 jar-Files is hanging in a endless loop. Message with jacorb-sign-1-3.jar … installed successfully appears everitime I start the Topology view, even if I restart the browser and also the Windows system.



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Marvin Rhoads
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Not sure if it helps but I just checked my working setup on my laptop (accessing two different LMS 4.2.4 servers - one on Windows and one on soft appliance) and see that the endorsed folder is still sitting under jre6/lib/endorsed. Topology works from that client.

To check it out again I went to another client (the Windows server where the one LMS runs) that had not had Java updated. I launched from there, was redirected to the LMS-provided Java download, installed that and refreshed to relaunch Topology applet. It installed the jar files properly under jre7/lib/endorsed and relaunching Topology was successful.

I copied the 3 jar files from C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\lib\endorsed@LMS-Server to the clients manually and its working now.

Using a systemfolder for Web-Deploying of jar-files is a design bug in LMS avoiding robustness in my opinion.

I agree - it's been a thorn in the side of LMS for a long time. Java in general (and Topology most specifically due to its finickiness with Java) have caused lots of issues for LMS users

Perhaps (speculating) the fundamental design issue is why Topology is being completely rewritten for PI and is not ready for release with 2.0 after more than a year of development.

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