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LMS4.2 Inventory Reports

Has anyone found a way to run inventory reports for 3750 stacks that will show the serial number, etc., for each switch in the stack?  My inventory reports are way off because the master switch in the stack is the only one accounted for in the invent...

bm_5789 by Beginner
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Need help configuring A NAS

Hi all I want to set up a Dlink DNS 323 NAS so my next door neighbour (max distance 15m) from where the NAS is but want to do this wirelessly but not share my internet with him. He is definately with in wireless G and N distance.Hardware I have Cisco...

RME report generator issue

Hai guys,We have an issue with RME report generator.Currently we are using LMS 3.2 installed on VMware esxi5 and RME version 4.3.2.Every things are working fine except RME reports and RME job browser.We we try to geneate report we get an error.Below ...

Is It Possible To Create An EEM applet that polls multiple variables in a SNMP table

Is it possible to create an EEM applet that polls multiple counters in a table, add the results per instance and issues a eem syslog message or trap when the sum of the values per instance exceed a defined count ?What I want to do is have an applet a...

Cisco Prime help...

I am relatively new to Cisco, and was handed Cisco Prime to basically learn on my own.  So please bear with me if I am missing something obvious.  I have the Archive Summary Report, and it shows 26 devices that failed to backup.  Basically the lines ...

aj.king by Beginner
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45 instances of cwjava.exe running.

I am getting VERY slow response from my Ciscoworks server and when I checked I saw 45 copies of cwjava.exe running as well as 2 copies of apache.exe and 11 copies of dbserv.exe running.  These seem to be draining a serious amount of resources.  The q...

tmcmurray by Beginner
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Resolved! IOS and EEM Version...

I have a quick question if anyone may be able to help:I have a 3845 running IOS 12.4(25b) [c3845-adventerprisek9-mz.124-25b.bin] and it does not support EEM 3.0.  I have verified that commands such as "action 1 regexp..." or "action 1 if...", etc. fa...