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MGMT IP Help Needed


We have some 9300s that us an old IP and helper on vLAN1 - previously the network team created vLAN80 and assigned a management IP here too so they didn't need to clean up the old one, so we have 2 MGMT IPs.

We want to remove the old IP from VLAN1 - replace it with the mgmt. IP being used on VLAN80.

Can I remove the IP from VLAN80, assign it to VLAN1 and leave VLAN80 on the switch still? or doesn't it need it if all mgmt IPs are on VLAN1?

Thaks in advance.


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MHM Cisco World
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two VLAN with same subnet, that not work. 
VLAN 80 and VLAN1 must have different subnet and different IP 

Correct yes, we want to remove the management subnet on 80 to vlan1

But still have vlan80 tagged for traffic is this possible?

the traffic tag with VLAN80 come from host or SW(host connect to) that use same subnet of VLAN1 
that not work. 
VLAN separate the traffic at layer 2  but it depended on subnet of l3.

Flavio Miranda
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 For security reason companies does not use vlan 1 for management anymore. You should consider to use this best practice.

 Keep vlan 80 for mgmt or create a new one. As long as you put this mgmt vlan as native vlan, it will behavior just like vlan 1.

 But, if you prefer keep vlan1 you can transfer the IP address no problem. One thing you can not is assinet the same subnet  IP address for both vlan . They need to be different.

 And, if you change the IP address and you are using ip route on the switch, you need to update to the new gayeway


Thank you!

That really helps, makes sense to follow best practice too.

Can we remove the old IP config from vlan1?


You can, but make sure you first put an IP on the vlan 80 or any other or you can drop from  de device.

You dont IP address on vlan1, it is not a requirement if that concerns you.

MHM Cisco World
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VIP Mentor

Dont do that'

All device until router or FW use tag vlan80 for subnet x 

If you change the subnet and put it to vlan1 then all device must reconfig with new tag.

Use vlan1 with new subnet and use it as management vlan.

Keep vlan80 and it subnet .

I'm getting conflicting information here in this thread  

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