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NCS & Cisco Prime LMS 4.X


We have got preinstalled Cisco prime NCS appliance, is ts possible if we can insall Cisco Prime LMS 4.X on the same appliance and upgrade the existing running LMS 3.X which is running on Windows server on the appliance or do we need seperate appliance for cisco prime LMS 4.x.


Kamal Singh


Martin Ermel

I am not sure if I understand you correctly but if you go for a physical appliance, NCS and LMS both needs their own dedicated appliances. Have a look here:

Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.1 Ordering and Licensing Guide

that's what is written in section " Ordering Information for New Customers" point 5.:


5. Purchase the physical appliance if the desired deployment option is a physical appliance rather than a virtual appliance. Both Cisco Prime NCS and Cisco Prime LMS support the physical appliance deployment option. Each product requires its own dedicated physical appliance. Refer to Table 2.


Martin has it right.

Even as an existing customer who is upgrading, the products are still separately installed on different hosts. The Cisco hardware appliance platform can only run a single product - NCS or LMS but not both.

If you had a VMware ESX (or ESXi) server you could run both products as separate guest OSs as long as you met their respective platform resource requirements. 

Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.0 will be merging LMS and NCS into a single server ca. early 2013.

Hi Marvin

thanks for your input.

is Cisco Prime infrastructure 2.0 released? or do you know when it's gonna be released please?, as i can't see any documentation on


According to the product managers at Cisco Live Orlando last month, PI 2.0 is currently due out in August 2013. They seemed pretty confident about that date. They were demoing on a 2.0 beta in the World of Solutions

It will not quite have 100% feature parity with LMS 4.2 but it will have a lot more than PI 1.3 does. Notably missing will be Topology and some of the Compliance template features.