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NCS - Mail Server

Carl Harbeck
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Level 1

Has anyone had a problem with NCS not sending emails? Not sure if it is my browser or what (talking guest wireless network accounts here), but seems like it fails trying to send emails 95% of the time. I know my server settings are proper.

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Level 1
Level 1

Hi Carl,

Not seeing any reported issues to the magnitude of the failure rate you are reporting. If you can reproduce the issue readily, put the NCS logs in trace mode, reproduce the issue, download the logs and open a TAC case to have the issue investigated further. Normally, sending of email is a all or nothing event, meaning it either works or does not, not limited to a specific function within the software. Have you noticed any other email notification not sent, besides guest account information?



I have a similar issue.  We have an existing NCS box with the email account configured and it emails to one person.  When I add my name to the list of recipients, it only emails the first person in the list.  It seems to ignore the second person.

Oddly enough, when I click on "test", it sends an email to the first person in the list, and that person can see in the email that I was copied on the email.  But my email never appears.  I even added my Yahoo! email account, and don't get it there either.

Don't see anything in spam folders either.  Anyone know if there's a bug with adding more than one email address in NCS?